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Sep 7, 2023

Host, Dr. Catherine Cerulli (Kate), a professor of Psychiatry at the University of Rochester, is joined by her guest, Chad Frymire, the Director of Public Policy at Court Appointed Special Advocates (CASA) in Dallas, Texas, and the Board President of the North Texas Coalition Against Human Trafficking. In this episode, Chad and Kate discuss Chad’s work within the foster care and child welfare systems, child abuse and neglect, and how human trafficking crosses into these areas. CASA works closely with foster care systems throughout the United States to advocate for the best interests of children who experience child abuse and neglect, maltreatment within the child welfare system or from their domestic families. Chad details the important and impactful work he and volunteers have done for children throughout the state of Texas. They explore volunteer recruitment, retainment, and diversity in this space. Chad explores how he became involved with human trafficking work through a personal anecdote that connects him to the work. Chad’s unique experience led him to meaningful work in the foster care system and in turn, the human trafficking arena. Traffickers often prey on vulnerable populations to manipulate and take advantage of them; children in the foster care system are at high risk of being trafficked due to their past experiences with child abuse and neglect, maltreatment, and wary relationships with adults and others. Through his work, Chad and his team have created trainings in human trafficking prevention to educate others as human trafficking is a large domestic problem and can happen to anyone, anywhere. It is critical for advocates to have the knowledge and resources to continue serving children who are at risk. Chad shares information and key warning signs of trafficking in children, mechanisms that traffickers use to persuade and manipulate children, and how youth with an online presence can become dangerous for their safety. The episode also covers vicarious trauma and ways that Chad and Kate care for themselves while working with traumatized populations so that they can mitigate burnout and continue to serve children in need. Keep up with upcoming projects from Chad and Dallas CASA at: