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Jan 4, 2024

Dr. Laura Schwab-Reese, Assistant Professor of Public Health at Purdue University, joins host Dr. Kate Cerulli, professor of Psychiatry at the University of Rochester, and Veronica Leva, Assistant Director of Community Engagement for the TRANSFORM Research Center, to discuss the National Child Abuse Hotline, Child Help, and provide updates on her work since joining us in Season One of the podcast. Laura shares information about the services that the National Child Abuse Hotline offers, which includes text, chat, and phone call options for everyone from mandatory reporters unsure of how to handle a situation, to the children who are experiencing abuse and neglect themselves. She discusses how meeting kids where they are through the use of technology is so important in addressing challenging topics such as child abuse and neglect. Additionally, Laura explores what the barriers and facilitators are in creating a transdisciplinary team, as well as how she addresses the vicarious trauma that impacts teams who are doing this important work.