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Apr 10, 2023

Host, Dr. Catherine Cerulli, a professor of Psychiatry at the University of Rochester, is joined by her guest, Donna Walck, PhD, a therapist at Mt. Hope Family Center where she has practiced for 15+ years. Dr. Walck shares her expertise using Perinatal Child Parent Psychotherapy (P-CPP), an evidence-based trauma-informed therapeutic model for children ages birth to five years and their parents/caregivers. By exploring P-CPP and how it has been integrated into Project PROMISE, part of our TRANSFORM Research Center, Drs. Cerulli and Walck discuss the goals and delivery methods for administering the model. Additionally, and very importantly, Dr. Walck shares the impact of the social determinants of health on the population with whom she works, as well as how race and ethnicity play a role in the implementation and efficacy of P-CPP. There are challenges with providing services to participants who are part of research studies, as sustainability for the continuation of service provision might be cut due to lack of continued funding. In this case, Dr. Walck shares how creating sustainability for service provision is critical. Through training therapists and other providers on P-CPP, Mt. Hope is helping to grow a pool of therapist. The key takeaway Dr. Walck shares is that providing models that are racially and ethnically appropriate is imperative in the success of the model, as well as that providing early preventive interventions.  P-CPP may lead to better outcomes for the parent and baby to live their best lives.